Product Warranty

Every product available at Reduced Fashion comes with a warranty booklet to ensure its security and authenticity. The length of the warranty offered for each product may differ from one manufacturer to the next. Please refer to your booklet to find out what your warranty covers.

Please note that we are not an official stockist for all the brands that we carry. Our promise to you is to bring you certain high quality products at friendly prices, and we intend to fulfill that even if it makes us unofficial retailers for certain brands. For such products we offer our very own Reduced Fashion 12-month warranty. 




The watch movement, hands and dial are the only elements included in your Reduced Fashion Warranty. All other damages will have to undergo standard repair and service.  Please note that all postage fees will be covered by Reduced Fashion only when the watch develops a defect within 30 days of purchase. Also note that all repairs usually take a minimum of 10 working days, and some may take longer if certain parts aren’t readily available. 

Please see the below examples of damages that are not included in your Reduced Fashion Warranty: 

  • External wear-and-tear from normal usage or misuse
  • Water or moisture damage including usage of water-resistant watches outside of the manufacturer's guidelines and water damage from improperly screwed-in crown stem
  • Damage to the watch case, bezel, crown/stem, crystal, watch bracelet or any other physical user-inflicted or accidental damage to the watch
  • Damage caused by physical impact or other abuse of the watch
  • Any loss of gems, stones or plating from the exterior of the watch

Please also note that any modifications or servicing done by third-party repair personnel will void both your Manufacturer’s Warranty and the Reduced Fashion Warranty.

Should you still have questions about your warranty coverage, please feel free to contact customer service at for more information.

For immediate warranty service, please download the request form on this page so we can get back to you as soon as possible.