Links Removal


Getting the perfect fit on your watch can be a delicate process that requires deft hands wielding the proper tools. Reduced Fashion’s team of trained watch adjustment and modification specialists are available to help you with link removals and other watch adjustments quickly and accurately, and for a very modest fee. Simply email us your request with your wrist measurement and we’ll take care of the necessary adjustments before shipping your watch to you.

To measure your wrist, we suggest using a piece of string or a strip of thick paper Wrap it around your wrist and move it gently around to find your perfect fit. Once you’ve found it, mark the string or paper then measure it against a ruler to get the exact measurement. Please consider leaving an allowance of half a centimeter (a quarter of an inch) so your bracelet will not feel too tight when you move your wrist. 

Any links that our specialists remove will be included in your package so that you can have them available for future adjustments. If you are looking to add links to your watch, a small fee will be charged depending on the manufacturer’s cost. In case of sourcing issues, you will be notified of any corresponding delays in shipping.