Having doubts about purchasing online is understandable, which is why Reduced Fashion only deals with respected, authorised distributors.  All our products are guaranteed brand new and complete with original parts and tags.  We make sure that every item in our inventory also  includes a factory certificate as well as a warranty booklet that ensures its authenticity.

The authenticity of any product sold on an unlisted website is questionable. This product will not be recognised as genuine, and therefore will not be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. In such cases, the customer will be left without recourse when applying for returns or repairs.Reduced Fashion has taken the initiative to ensure that you, our customer, is not put in this difficult situation. We conduct a careful examination and of each product and do our due diligence to make certain that your certificates and warranties are valid.

If you need more information regarding the authenticity of our products, please email customer support at and a trained member of our team will assist you promptly.